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Broadcasts in Georgian Language

Dan Acheson, American Secretary of State –  on May 26th, 1951

I am very happy to have this opportunity to say a few words to the Georgian people. I have heard a great deal about your beautiful country, its majestic mountains and rich valleys, its impressive relics of the past and the magnificent character and the spirit of its people. Although it is true that no many Americans had the good fortune to visit Georgia, your country is well-known to us.

The word Georgia recalls the memory of the Argonauts who sailed in quest of the Golden Fleece, and of Prometheus who stole the sacred fire from heaven and gave it to man- That he might be free. The world remembers how often you Georgians have fought for this principle of freedom, how valiantly throughout your glorious thousand year of history you have defended your ancient culture and Christian civilization.

You have been often conquered, but never subdued. You have been able throughout the ages to preserve your own national personality, and you have never lost the will to stand up for your human rights. We Americans admire you for this enduring spirit. Our country was founded on a firm belief in the principles of liberty and justice for all ; and our sons have fought and died and are fighting now for the defence of those principles.

The Voice of America will, from now on, bring you in your own language the truth which the Communists fear and try to keep from you. We shall tell you what goes in in the world at large, including the aggressive military actions in the name of peace for which the Communist leaders are responsible. Their plots and threats are forcing free men to stand firmly against the further spread of despotism. The ultimate goal of the American people and their government is a peaceful world in which there is no strong and no weak, no master and no slave, but where all men can live and work freely and happily without want or fear and with the right to worship God in their own way.

This is our vision of the future ; we invite you to share it. I extend to you Georgians in the name of the American people, our sincere and friendly greetings.



Sources : « The Georgian Question before the Free World », Constantin Kandelali. Paris 1953


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